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JIM Enterprises is a California-based organization providing intervention services to thousands of parents and students since 2006. The main motive
behind the development of this app is to provide education to those students and parents who are keen to learn English in an effortless way. Along with
entertaining lessons, the client wanted to include their curriculum in the app for enhancing engagement of parents into the school community.

icon Challenges

The client wanted us to develop an Android tablet app to bridge the learning gap between Spanish speakers by helping them to learn English & stay proactive in their daily lives. The major challenge was designing an easy and interactive interface that can support all its features, without compromising the app's performance. The client wanted to include three phases in the app and each phase should be subdivided into four different activities. It gives users a sense of accomplishment on completion of each level and encourages them to move forward.

icon Solutions

We have successfully built an Android tablet app which has a series of interactive sessions to promote English learning. To make it a lot easier for its user to understand, the JIE app supports two languages (Spanish and English) thus the user can switch to Spanish interface anytime when they are finding difficulties in understanding the activities written in English.

  • To master English learning program, the app consists of various engaging lessons including grammar instructions, vocabulary building activities, and games
  • Track your progress anytime and anywhere through the app. Also, the app is successfully integrated with social media channels thus you can share your success with friends and family
  • Integrated with a 'voice recording' feature, it helps users to understand the pronunciation which improves listening and speaking skills of parents and students
  • The app sends push notifications of the daily practice sessions to its users. It not only motivates them but also helps them to learn quickly and efficiently.

Technology Stack

The tools and technologies that were used by
app development team were:


The JIE app has garnered a great response from the parent community. Through this app, the JIM Enterprises have provided
a unique opportunity to immerse parents in engagement curriculum and boosts confidence among students.


Rich and Vibrant App Interface Helps
to Master Essential Learning Skills


A Perfect App to Track the Progress of Learners
and Create Reports on Their Activities


The App Makes Learning Experience More
Interesting and Fast-Grabbing

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