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Security Audit Services

Build Security Resilience Against Cyber Attackers

Getting an IT security audit done is far beyond just a protecting shield, it goes further inspecting real-time risks
which can compromise confidentiality, integrity or data availability.


Around 98% of the web apps
that have been tested are
vulnerable to Cyber Attack


The global market of managed
security services is projected to reach
up to $30 billion by the year 2020

Security Breach? We’re on it!

Right from securing your essential security information to data encryption services. We assure to provide the flexible and streamlined functioning along with the technology implementation for building a security strategy and keeping your core information zipped securely.

Our Services

We offer sound security audit services combining the industry expertise with the latest technology insights to empower the impact of data.
We prioritize data security and ensures the team is dedicatedly working on the risk profile and the technology landscape.


Web Security

Website security audit services enable the organization to prevent security breach by protecting the data available in the web applications.

  • Ensuring security against the web attacks including DDoS & site scraping
  • Accessing the web applications for vulnerability check
  • Data protection against unauthorized access
  • Elaborative understanding of security apps handling the critical data

Mobility Security

Mobile application’s data is prone to cyber theft, the security audit services for mobility offers end to end services including application mapping and reverse engineering.

  • Reviewing mobile app case study requirements
  • Identify risk with newly built mobile apps
  • Cutting down the security threats
  • Bridge the gaps in existing security solutions

Cloud Security

Cloud security services diligently emphasize on secure operations as even a mere gap in the enterprise network can result in a significant economic loss.

  • Cyber and Virtualization Security
  • Quick Network Risk Assessment
  • Host and End-Point Security
  • Datacenter & Perimeter Security

Compliance Security

Governance and compliance are the factors essential for organizational growth, we keep an integrated approach to enhance enterprise security, protecting information and risks.

  • Retail & business - PCI-DSS compliance
  • Healthcare - HIPAA, HITECH compliance
  • Government compliance
  • Auditing and reporting

Understand Why


BUSINESS Needs a Security Audit

Your data is more vulnerable than ever, the security breaches can be ruinous for your business
Identification of the vulnerable points and problem areas
Accurately determines whether you need to alter security policies and standards
Recommendations to leverage information technology in your business security
Getting an in-depth insight of internal and external IT practices & system
To evaluate the flow of data within your business

Best Practices to Conduct Security Audit

10 Times Faster Security Investigations

External Audit Assessment

  • Public information collection
  • External Penetration
  • Destructive Test
  • Non-destructive Test

Internal Audit Assessment

  • Confidential information collection
  • Reviewing Security policy
  • Internal Penetration
  • Change Management

Security Audit Perks to Business

Any breach of your security has a serious impact on your enterprise'
reputation, customer relationships, and compliance


Advanced Data

Security Awareness

Inner Threats

Achieving Regulatory Compliance

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Prioritize Data Security Over Anything Else in Your Company

We assure to grip your trust in keeping your data sound & secure

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