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At Clavax, our main aim is to foster a culture that not only focuses on providing innovative solutions to present technology ecosystem but also reinvent the future.On one hand, while we strive to outperform excellence in our processes and business behaviors for unceasing success, on other hand, we place customer satisfaction as the utmost priority. In short, the success of our customers means the success of Clavax!

Rob recommends Clavax as IT partners by Saying "If you are looking for an IT partner, I highly recommend Clavax, they will treat you right."
We congratulate our client for making bold headlines in Silicon Valley!

Clavax helps building complete platform for Bookfari and their related businesses. Bookfari recently got big funding from
Co-op, here Mark Pullen, CEO Bookfari talking of Clavax offerings and involvement in projects.

Ralph shares his phenomenal experience working with Clavax and absolutely recommends by saying "What I like the most about Clavax
is they have the professional team that works very close to customers delivering impressive results."

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Testimonials of our clients further boost our morale
to deliver the best, always!

Clavax is doing some great work on a customer facing website. We are very pleased with the interactions and outcome - and they have a great team to work with. We continue to bank on them for this major long term project.

John Morrone
Football.com LLC

I've been very fortunate to work with teams and to visit teams all around the world. Clavax was at the top of the list as far as getting the requirements right without having to do a lot of back and forth... They were quick to understand it. It was a pleasure working with them.

Tarun Malik

Clavax executed this project nearly flawlessly, handling changes orders while still maintaining a close adherence to the project schedule. They tested on multiple platforms, modified both our Android and iphone application. In short they did a fantastic job on a complicated project. I would rehire in an instant and would highly recommend them for any iOS or Android project.

Brian DeSpain
Thalasar Ventures

Client Quotes

Clients across the globe choose us to realize their potential & there is no greater satisfaction than serving them well. Clavax supports clients worldwide delivering services for fortune organizations focusing on their requirements to make them move forward & grow

Mark Pullen

I can't think of something they Clavax Technologies could have improved. Overall, I am quite happy.

Ralph de Haan


This project was for a complex website with over 500 pages that required marketing automation and tie ins to our databases and IT systems. Clavax did a fantastic job from the start. They planned the project execution very well and broke up responsibilities.

Paul Dhillon

President & CEO
VTI Instruments, Corp

Clavax have some of the most skilled developers and designers around. They have shown great attention to detail and delivered excellent work. Again and again. I have already hired them for other projects

Craig Scutella


Clavax's professionalism, focus on customer satisfaction and technical capabilities are unmatched. They delivered this project ahead of schedule at quoted price, while implementing feedback and changes very quickly.

Vanessa Raffanti


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