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Clavax & Open Source initiative

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Open Source is proving itself as a solid underway for innovation, business value creation and operational effectiveness. Although the cost is one of the prime factors of selecting Open Source technologies however it also improves software quality, security and reliability thus become a dominant solution in the enterprises. Clavax provides strategic technology solutions to diversify the needs of different various industry verticals.

Our Solutions

Collaboration with Cloud-Based Open source Communities

To build, manage and monitor networks, cloud computing is leveraging the advantages of open source tools. Following are open source products that are delivering world-class capabilities to control the cloud.


OpenStack is an ideal Open Source software for heterogeneous infrastructure to control large pools of storage and networking solutions. It addresses the need and delivers top-notch services that enable enterprises to build next-gen data centers.

Cloud Foundry

It is an Open Source cloud computing platform developed by VMware. It is optimized to deliver DevOps-friendly workflows and multi-tenant compute efficiencies. The main benefits of cloud foundry are, application portability, centralized logging and dynamic routing.

Amazon Web Services

The Amazon Web Services consist of a huge set of services which can be used as building blocks to run scalable applications. With this, you can deploy at a faster rate, substantial costs and more securely, taking benefits from the performance of the cloud.

Unlock the Business Opportunities with Open Source Technologies

We help our clients to unleash the potential of Open Source technologies and increase the ROI. With our deep expertise, we have provided our services across varied verticals including, healthcare, banking, travel, retail, education, CRM and education. Following are a few benefits of using Open Source solutions.

Small budget also works

With Open Source, enterprises can start with community versions. Later, as per the requirements, users can easily migrate to commercially-supported solutions.

Never compromise on security

It has a valuable information security record as it offers responsiveness to security problems. Open source provides a proprietary environment to identify and fix security issues when they became apparent, without molding the codes.

Speed that counts

Open Source communities help businesses to jumpstart their projects thus begin to deliver value right away. It possesses the ability to deliver professional support to a large scale and fully-supported enterprises to start quickly and inexpensively.


Open Source Service offerings

We, at Clavax, provides a diverse set of tools, languages and databases for every
project to keep up with the client's expectations.

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