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Clavax & ibm

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Partnering with IBM
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Clavax's global association with IBM Technology proves to be a multi-faceted business partnership through which we have been able to identify all the clients' business needs effectively and address them with minimal risk. Incorporating the solutions of IBM technology with deep technology insights and delivery skills, our association enable us to enhance the project success by resolving the challenges faced by the clients. Apart from being the business partner, Clavax has achieved new heights by earning a badge from IBM in the field of Cloud Solutions Application Infrastructure Sales Mastery.

Explore the Immense Potentials of Our Collaboration

Along with the delivery of successful client relationships, Clavax and IBM have a long and proven record of relationship over the years understanding the value of combining IBM technologies with the services of Clavax. With the mission to enhance the bond of our collaboration with IBM & pursue emerging growth opportunities to serve clients, we follow a common objective to drive the future success of clients. Our association has not only helped us in building knowledge & skills with their advanced technologies but also gained expertise to offer innovative solutions with the help of their impressive stack of various technology products.

How Clavax Works with IBM to deliver Tech Value?

Clavax makes the best use of IBM's collaboration suite that involves mainframes and storage solutions leveraging the virtualization, cloud computing and data center consolidation. Most of our projects are focussed on business data analytics, application, security systems and integration management to deliver a wide range of state-of-the-art software and hardware for solution development. Working with a dedicated IBM global alliance team of tech professionals, our relationship comprises of a wide spectrum of activity such as business & technology collaboration, development of skills and distribution of knowledge. Not only our offerings are tested and proven using IBM technology for faster implementations making solutions reach the market at the earliest, our association with IBM architects allow us to lessen the project risks for building complex solutions.


Tools & Technologies of IBM We Use

We have been able to deliver a wide range of IT and consulting services with the help of chosen IBM technology focus areas. Listed above are some of the technologies and tools of IBM that plays a key role in delivering the best results.

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