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Clavax & amazon web services

Fast-Forward your Cloud Journey with Amazon Web Services

Cohesive and End-To-End Set of Cloud Offerings

A secure cloud service platform is crucial to grow and scale businesses. By adopting cloud-first strategies, enterprises can deliver scalable, agile and flexible services in a cost-effective way. Clavax is a leading Amazon Web Service (AWS) provider with a growing team of certified AWS consultants who have deep expertise in delivering B2B integration services for all three service delivery models like SaaS, IaaS and PaaS.

Our Solutions

Our AWS Services Support Cloud Adoption Voyage

Clavax offers a complete set of platform, application and infrastructure services that enable you to run your businesses virtually in the cloud. Following are a few solutions to set-up, operate and scale services in the cloud.

Relational Database Service

It is designed to simplify the complex administration processes including backing-up databases, hardware provisioning and patching the database software. With this, you can focus on other applications to increase performance, availability, compatibility and security.

Elastic Load Balancing

Elastic Load Balancing dispenses the incoming application traffic of HTTP/HTTPs/TCP across different targets like containers, Amazon EC2 instances and IP addresses. Being flexible, it helps you to virtualize your application targets thus able to host more applications at the same time.

Simple Notification Service

SNS is a reliable and well-managed messaging module which helps in coordinating the delivery of messages to subscribing clients. You can start using by integrating three simple APIs, named as AWS Management Console, AWS Command Line Interface and AWS SDK.

Empower Complete Control of Computing Resources with AWS

Moving to the cloud is not an easy decision. However, deep features, strong connectivity and integrated tools across enterprises and cloud services worth every penny of your investment. Here are following benefits of availing Amazon Web Services.

Security is Prime Concern

The AWS offers an end-to-end approach to secure our infrastructure which includes software, physical and operational measures.

A Platform for every Enterprise

From warehousing to deployment tools, you can integrate AWS with a few mouse clicks. It allows enterprises to quickly adapt the changes according to the latest business trends.

Reliable and Scalable

With notable features like database engines, big data tools, encryption and server configurations, you can stay focused on your core business activities.


Clavax Amazon Web Service offerings

To increase the efficiency of your business, we have a team of accredited AWS developers who use
certified tools for real-time monitoring services.

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