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Functional Testing

Leverage your projects with long lasting engagements

With an immense focus on Accelerated Testing, we perform effective inspection and validation of functions, features, and competencies of your software product. Our functional testing incorporates error-free integration, operative compatibility testing, and boosted dependability of real-time applications and endows you with a wide range of in-house solutions for test case automation, risk-driven methodologies, IP-based solutions, and pre-packaged domain-based accelerators.

Performance Testing We perform professionally

Performance testing that endows you a resilient evaluation against performance criteria, comparison of performance characteristics of multiple systems, detecting the source of performance problems, tuning the support system, and much more. The complete process comprehends Load Check, Stress Test, Volume Test, App Lifecycle Test, Code Optimization, and Reliability Test.

Security Testing

Your Security Could be on target

Foolproof security testing and critical security elements of our dynamic website testing and enable us to provide you an infallible range of offshore software testing services. Our security testing is a seven-step process that differentiates us from other Quality Assurance Services offered by different companies:

  • Threat Discovery
  • Vulnerability Scan
  • Vulnerability Valuation
  • Security Valuation
  • Penetration Test
  • Security Audit

IoT Testing

We've got it covered

With a resolute focus on customer engagement and retention, our test framework encompasses Functional Validation, Load Simulation, and Security Verification, allied with smart IoT solutions and comprehensive QA strategies. These solutions surpass the validation challenges such as real-time responsiveness, high availability, rapid response, local processing, data security and privacy, and a lot more in a far-stretched way!

API testing API testing does Matter

Our API Testing offers you a comprehensive solution that discourses both the functional and non-functional challenges in API validation using continuous integration tools to improve the compatibility with agile and DevOps models. We focus on higher automation in regression and progression testing accelerated through reuse and association. Our API validation is an exhilarating collaboration of virtues of speed, coverage, complexity, performance, and security.

Big Data Requires BIG Security

Clavax Big Data Testing is an inclusive merger of excellent processes, tools, and techniques that deliver end-to-end testing methodologies and make the most of your opportunities to capitalize on Big Data through improved quality dealings. We create and implement successful testing plans that overcome some obvious challenges like Big Data Architecture, Big Data Analytics, and Customized Test Plan Assets.

Unit Testing

Advanced testing for every module

Unit Testing is considered one of the most important Quality Assurance Services. We leverage you with an impeccable testing service for individual modules and classes to ensure the performance of the code. Our Unit Testing, allied with Architectural Inspection Services, avoids any instinctive creep in over time due to slowness and leverages you with these prominent benefits:

  • Precise documents
  • Module-based tests
  • Quality tracking
  • Bug identification
  • Integrated testing and tracking
  • Guaranteed expertise

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