Social Networking

A Social Networking Platform: To Connect | To Engage | To Participate

Clavax develops new generationnetwork-based models to create an
agile platform for seamless interactions.

Embed A Social Dimension in Digital Experiences

Customer satisfaction is the last frontier to create the difference in the market. To achieve this, you need to know customer's requirements, provide crowdsource support and give them access anywhere and anytime. Following these avenues, you not only convince them but also give a valuable digital experience.

Social Networking Services for a profitable future

We at Clavax, help businesses to smartly use social networking development services for an effective brand promotion that guarantees enhanced user contentment. While the customers have become smart with gadgets, we offer smarter customer-centric solutions to nurture relationships.

Social Networking Solutions Bring Customers and Information Together

Clavax provides dedicated platforms that ensure security at every step and develop new opportunities by expanding your global reach. It boosts your efficiency and productivity to keep you a step ahead in your industry.

  • Content Management
  • Work Reporting Tools
  • Task Management
  • Instant Messaging Apps
  • Polls/Surveys/Discussion web apps

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