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Enabling customers to redeem loyalty points faster, helps in building trust for your brand. A well-organized loyalty program uncovers new ways to attract and retain consumer. By leveraging technology, a reward program helps businesses to get detailed customer data without paying thousands of dollars to market-research firms.

Technology-Driven Loyalty Program Drive Sales

Clavax offers leading-edge digital solutions for effectively managing a complete suite of loyalty programs. It includes memberships, rewards, customer interactions and tracks loyalty system performance. We develop a customized program for your enterprise to reinforce your customer relationships.

Customer Service Management

The loyalty program is one of the best ways to increase customer engagement. By using technology, you can make it easier and simpler. With this, you get access to real-time statistical data which helps you in improving your customer service.

Enrich Loyalty Program with Mobility Solutions

Mobile loyalty solutions are a personalized way to influence consumer's purchase habits. With this, you can ask for registrations, reward them and engage them for future purchases with minimal cost and efforts.

Align Loyalty Programs with Business Intelligence

Clavax's business intelligence platform compresses data to facilitate your decision-making process. Our solutions offer you a 360-degree overview of large volumes of data to give you a better understanding of consumers buying patterns.

Loyalty Solutions Increase Visits | Revenue | Value with Tailored Program

With the right set of skills and up-to-date technologies, we build a successful loyalty program to cater the needs of both businesses and customers. Segments we serve -

  • Point-Based Programs
  • Visit or Event-Based Solutions
  • Cashback Programs
  • Purchase Promotions
  • Gift Cards and Lay-By Applications

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