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Banking and Finance

Infuse Agility into The Environment with Easy Transact Solutions

Our digital approach helps
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Smart Banking Options for Digital Savvy Banks

How convenient your banking services are? Is your customer able to transact on vacation - camping, from home or while traveling? Today, customers demand advanced methods for availing banking services - anywhere & anytime. Therefore, digital transformation is becoming the need of banking and financial service providers to provide secure and instant access to communication.

Deliver Modernize Digital Banking Experience to Customers

To stay ahead of the curve, we provide reliable banking and financial solutions that add value to their online payment systems, mobile banking and transaction processes. Our team can often resolve the most complicated system into a real-time development solution.

Secure Data with Cyber Security Solutions

With massive data collection on an everyday basis, we provide the latest tools and modernized opportunities to extract both unstructured and structured data in real time. Our security analysts ensure they protect you from threats with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

Encourage Branchless Banking with Mobility Solutions

Our tech veterans offer up-to-date and solution-driven approaches that let your customers perform day-to-day banking activities via wearables, smartphones and websites. With customized apps, you not only manage customer's data appropriately but also simplifies the rigid workplace systems effortlessly.

Transform Your Services with Blockchain

Clavax Blockchain enables you to optimize banking transactions by increasing visibility and trust among the customers. With this avenue of innovation, you can minimize manual efforts, reduce delays in transactions and improve the accuracy of KYC processes. Eventually, it makes your customers happy.

Banking and Finance Solutions

Consistent Experience | Strong Analytics | Sound Infrastructure

We help banks to keep their best foot forward among customers by offering top-notch solutions which enhance operational efficiency, improve business workflows and minimize risk and compliance in terms of banking transactions. Areas we cater in banking and financial sectors are -

  • Asset Management
  • Automated Workflow Systems
  • App Security Consulting Services
  • Customer Relation Management
  • Financial Planning Software & Apps

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