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Enhanced Development Capabilities

Connecting businesses with up-to-date web development

Innovative, agile, and interactive development
Multi-platform web apps with
consistent strategies

Robust, Scalable, and Extensible Business Applications

Clavax Web Development Services are backed-up with robust solutions and coherent approaches to meet the most challenging modern IT problems. Right from the analysis, designing, and implementation, to testing and integration, we make highly flexible strategic shots with your extensible business application to make it a sure success.

Clavax App Development Podium (CADP)

Clavax App Development Podium improves developer productivity and reduces time to market for it uses an open and standard technology and agile methodology to develop and deploy groundbreaking apps. We use visual modeling, instant code generation, and automatic deployment, to streamline application design and development and to fasten the development of enterprise applications. CADP encompasses the following:

CADP Components

Enterprise App Integration

These solutions embrace App Integration, EDI/B2B, Business Activity Monitoring, Business Process Management and Service Oriented Architecture.

App Value Management

App Value Management offers you the services to balance the app cost, intricacy, and volume. This ensures minimized ownership costs and new operational efficiencies.

Agile Development

Our expertise in Agile development, from Scrum and Kanban to Daikibo, empowers you to mark a sure success in your pilot projects or enterprise solutions.

App Development

We leverage you with a range of excellent custom applications, built with emerging technologies, that goes well with any software portfolio to meet your specific business requirements.

Devops Environment

Ensure faster time-to-market, improve ROI and product quality, reduce costs and delays with Clavax DevOps.

Right Web Development is important!

94% of people cited web design
as the reason they mistrusted or
rejected a website.

44% of mobile users reported that navigating
a web page was difficult and
6% complained
of difficulties interacting with it.


Modern Technology Platforms

We make simpler, easier, and automated web apps. We empower you to build security-rich, faster, and collaborative applications, incorporating composite and flexible components to bestow you with reduced development cycles up to a significant percentage.

Docker and Kubernetes for faster development

Web App development gets faster with Docker and Kubernetes! Clavax leverages you with the supremacy to automate deployment, scaling, and operations of your application containers for better, surpassing, and faster web development experience.

  • Scale your applications on the fly
  • Limit hardware usage to required resources only
  • Get completely segregated and secured apps
  • Roll out new features seamlessly


Real-time analytics is what we're mastered in. We implement real-time analytics in web applications as well as mobile applications to increase the live-streaming capabilities and introduce newer and imaginary real-time features. The real-time world is about to break-out, and we're so ready with our expertise!

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