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We just don't develop chatbots,

We develop an intelligent & conversational digital employee!

why chatbot?

To compete and succeed, it is important to leverage the prevalent intelligence of machines.
With this, businesses can get access to critical information at a faster pace. Still feeling
dicey whether chatbots are worth investing or not? Consider the statistics:


71% of US online users already use online messaging, voice, or video chat services



63% of people would consider messaging through a chatbot to discuss business

Gear Up Conversations with Clever Chatbots

Konnect-Bot is a feature-rich chatbot to suit diverse business requirements. It provides relevant and prevalent information to deliver amazing user experience.

multi channel
  • Connect Socially

    Integrate the chatbots on different social media platforms.

  • Machine Learning

    Set a personal tone to learn, adapt and respond human queries instantly.

  • Advanced Messaging Platform

    Exchange information in different forms like images or documents for better processing of data.

  • Multi-lingual Support

    Multi-language programmable bots to carter global markets.

Powerful Konnect-Bot for An Effortless Digital Journey We bring human-touch across all industries.


Customers can directly interact with brand

  • Product suggestions
  • Shopping assistant
  • Upselling & cross-selling
  • Order details
  • Returns/ Delivery tracking system


Get assistance for a better travel experience

  • Search flights
  • Cancel/refund status
  • Ask for Itinerary
  • Instant web check-in
  • Set reminders


Reduce manual efforts to boost productivity

  • Product search
  • Service assistance
  • Delivering notifications
  • Feedback/return status


Keep pace with fast-changing customer expectations

  • 24*7 customer support
  • EMI calculator
  • Stock market bots
  • Amount queries


Bots will serve as health assistants

  • Fix appointments
  • Home remedy suggestions
  • Diet advice
  • Managing prescriptions
  • Book doctor appointments

Re-engineer Business Operations with Custom-Made Chatbots

Clavax chatbot solutions offer enterprise-grade and end-to-end platform for a scalable entry into the AI-powered era.

Swift Response & Proactive Engagement

Chatbot gives voice to brands. With the support of cutting-edge analytics, the chatbots provide instant responses across multiple channels like websites, messaging platforms and apps. It has a positive impact on your customer experience journeys in real time.


Integrate Salesforce for Smart Conversational Interaction

To give a personalized touch, our Salesforce integrated Chatbots have rich access to information in accordance with customer's recent activity. It gives dynamically created responses which eliminate the need for live agents.

Automate Customer service with chatbots

With natural language processing capabilities, Clavax offers reliable AI-powered bot platforms for intuitive conversations. Also, it can assist customers with their queries through smart channeling capabilities.

Integrate With Ease

It allows you to connect with the audience through different media channels including live chat, We-chat, messenger, Skype and more.

  • facebook
  • twitter
  • message
  • line
  • skype
  • instagram

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